Friday, June 29, 2012


The long history of Athens causes jealousy in many European capitals. Museums of Athens houses a priceless treasure, which covers the history and areas of Athenian culture.

 The Acropolis Museum is the most important museums of the world.

The Hall of slopes of the Acropolis.

Visitors to the Museum of Acropolis, after crossing the lobby floor, is the first exhibition. The spacious room with sloping glass floor presents findings from the slope (slopes) of the Acropolis. The glass floor allowing views to the excavation, and the uphill slope refers to the ascent to the Acropolis.The Hall of slopes of the Acropolis houses finds from sanctuaries were founded on the slopes of the Acropolis, and the settlement developed at the foot of the hill, in all historical periods. To the left of the visitor finds from the sanctuaries established on the slopes of the rock, while the right of the findings of the smaller shrines and the village developed on the slopes of the Acropolis. In antiquity, the slopes of the transition zone between the city and the most famous sanctuary. It was the site where official and popular cults, both large and small sanctuaries existed alongside private houses.

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