Sunday, July 22, 2012

SKIATHOS . Chic & Traditional... if we want to give a name to Hora (Skiathos Town) walking experience...Paved alleys, narrow paths, flower gardens, impressive traditional house architecture.

SKIATHOS: Beaches is what characterises Skiathos, there are more than you could ever imagine, beaches for all kind of flavours, in total the beaches are 62. They are special, superb and breathtaking. The island during the winter is quite but during summer and especially July and August is getting very busy.

 What makes the island so special probably is the breeze of it, also monasteries and hilltops tavernas is what differentiate it from the rest. In Skiathos you have the chance to do numerous water sports and horse riding. Flooded with many pine trees Skiathos offers shadow in all the places where hotness cannot touch you.

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