Sunday, August 19, 2012

EVIA . THE COLOURFUL ISLAND. Evia has been blessed with an incredible landscape that throbs with verdant forests, rivers, ravines, infinite beaches and crystal waters. Furthermore, the archaeological findings render the island even more interesting, while the various beautiful settlements embellish the region.

The island of Evia, located on the eastern coast of Central Greece, is second in size only to the island of Crete. Evia is a wonderful holiday and vacation destination that is ideal for all types of holidays throughout the year.
Evia is best described as being an island with three main parts – the north, central and south. Each has it’s own inspiring landscape, rich vegetation and colourful scenery, interesting history, ancient sites and place of interest. There are many beautiful villages and towns scattered all across this charming island, each offering visitors an insight into both the past and present traditions of this truly unique and picturesque island. Evia has a very diverse and inspiring landscape. For lovers of nature, the islands has some breathtaking imagery, as well as beautiful ravines and forests that are just crying out to be explored.
With extremely easy access from all over Greece, Evia is always a popular choice for those who are looking for a holiday destination that will suit everyone needs and desires.

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