Thursday, August 30, 2012


Parga , in north western Greece ,is a blessed spot of 

earth .

Magnificent sea sides,picturesque castles ,natural beauty ,paved small streets in the 

city center ,form a  special destination that every year gains new friends from all over 


 Μany tourists that  travel by car to Greece via Italy find there a clever destination. Ιts is 

only one hour away from Igoumenitsa , the port where the modern ferry boats from 

Bari or Ancona arrive.

Season by season Parga ameliorates  its touristic service quality .Visitors have the 

option to find in the area  rooms , hotels and apartments for all kind of 

budgets.Especially this time of the year there is the opportunity to discover very good 

offers ( we have spotted and )

 Don't miss beach sides of Kryoneri,Piso Kryoneri,valtos,sarakiniko,Lichnos and Ai 

Giannakis. The most popular attraction of the region is the isle with the medieval 

church opposite of the city.

     Parga is daily connected to Corfu,Lefkada ,Paxi and Antipaxi islands .

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