Tuesday, December 11, 2012


     Greece has thousands of picturesque villages with great history,many outdoor activities,delicious dishes and high quality traditional products.Let's see 10 of the most popular:

Syrrako,Ioannina,western Greece.It stands above the gorge of the  Chrousia River.

Arahova,Livadia,central Greece.A popular winter resort, thanks to the existence of the ski resort and its small distance from Athens.

Dikorfo,Ioannina,western Greece.Funded in 1431,its history is  witnessed by large stone houses, the library, the paved roads, the stone walls and gates that connect the houses.

Monemvasia,Peloponese,south Greece.It is world wide known from the medieval fortress on the eponymous "Rock of Monemvasia" which is literally a small island.

Dilofo ,Ioannina,western Greece.This extraordinary mountainous village in the prefecture of Ioannina belongs to the group of Zagori in Epirus. Built at an altitude of 1,000 meters on the slopes of Timfi Mountain.
Abelakia ,Larisa,central greece.Mansions clinging to the slopes of the mountain are  have left their own indelible historical touch.

Spileo,Grevena,northern Greece.It attracts members of several mountaineering clubs and sports enthusiasts such as climbing, canyoning or canoeing.
Nimfeo,Florina,northern Greece.Tour guides show it as one of the ten most beautiful villages of Europe.
Vlasti,Kozani,Northern Greece.It is a picturesque mountain village in the prefecture of Kozani .
Pertouli,Trikala,central Greece.It has all those infrastructure and standards to be distinguished as a "first line" touristic destination all year long.

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