Sunday, December 2, 2012


KARPENISI  is a city resting lazily in his arms Velouchi the ancient Tymfristos at an altitude of 960 meters, lush fir, well protected from the strong winds that whipped the top. Karpenisi, a city that has a lot to tell visitors, carrying on their backs the story alive.
 Cruise Karpenissi with'' High mountains'' (Velouchi, unrecorded, Chelidona, Kaliakouda, Panaitoliko, Neraidovouni), rivers (Karpenisiotis, Trikerioti, Achelous, Agrafiotis Tavropos, Krikelopotamos), canyons (Pantavrechi Black Cave, Vothona , Viniani, Krenti), picturesque villages, lakes, monasteries, bridges and one thousand and two other attractions that will be revealed in front of you like paintings.

Today, Karpenisi attracts thousands of trippers who arrive in droves to enjoy the ski center, picturesque taverns, stylish bars, a variety of accommodation options in hotels, and the pristine nature of Haryana, making climbing rafting, canyoning, trekking and other activities in an area untouched by industrialization, which was declared by UNESCO in 1991 as one of the cleanest areas of the ecosystem on the plane

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