Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Astypalaia.Τhe "Butterfly shape" island in Dodecanese islands complex,in east southern Aegian, looks like a pirates era live scenery.

Ithaki,in Western Greece,Ionian islands complex,combines tranquility, serenity blue and green ... magic! 

Sifnos,located in Cyclades islands complex has amazing beaches and delicious local disches.

Paxi,in western Greece,belongs to Ionian islands.Ηundreds of thousands tourists characterize it as the most heavenly place in Greece.

  Anafi.Αt the "extremity" of the Cyclades.It is  fermented in the sun of the Aegean and the saltiness of the sea, lonely through his in its simplicity.
Samothraki,in northern Aegian,is  a place of outstanding natural beauty. 

Folegandros,is located in the Cyclades islands complex.It's a small  and picturesque island with pristine sea sides.

Alonissos, in Sporades islands complex, is famous for its national sea park,a shelter for the monachus-monachus seals.A real experience for guests.

 Kοufonisia ,in small part Cyclades,is ideal destination for relaxation.Popular to young people from all over the world.

Serifos belongs also to the Cyclades islands complex.It has wonderful beach sides and a very nice capital.

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