Saturday, January 19, 2013



Enchanting, inaccessible and imposing, the "Always Raining" is one of the most famous attractions of Haryana. The wild beauty of the difficult access are even more visitors to discover.Idyllic atmosphere that resembles something out of a science fiction movie, beautiful colors, dense vegetation and water main ingredient.The canyon formed by the river Krikellioti and its waters are cold and clear and has approximately 100 m long. Streams and majestic waterfalls adorn the landscape and the rapids give them different shapes on the ground.
 If you love extreme sports, the area is ideal depending - of course with the season you choose to go.In the area there are special teachers for outdoor activities that will facilitate your access and they will guide you safely.The path that leads to the gorge is stunning with the grandeur of nature to play a leading role.


Τhe neighboring villages, verdant hills, towering trees, ornate rocks hanging over the road and the green condition of Kaliakouda will keep you company during your exciting tour.Enjoy the masterpiece of nature where the water never stops ... where it always rains ...

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