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Mount Helmos (means snowy mountain) is the mountain range of northern Peloponnese is for the greater part of the prefecture of Achaia and Corinthia less in the county, north of Kalavryta at an altitude 2,355 m (the highest peak). The ancient name of the mountain was Aroania Aroanios Mountains from the river that springs to Planitero a wonderful site on the slope of Mt.

Myths, legends and history, impress the visitors and create historical researchers. From Neraidorahi as the waters of Styx, from Planitero as the ski center of Kalavryta by Elatofyto as Souvardo, hundreds are points that cause the admiration of visitors. Most of us have heard of the mythical waters of Styx, the thundering waters of the river leaked to the underworld. Around the impressive landscape of the Styx has erected a peculiar mythology. Styx was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and participated in the Clash of the Titans taking the place of Zeus. In the waters of Styx Nereid Thetis bathed  her son Achilles to remain immortal, leaving him with only one vulnerable point, the heel where he was keeping.

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