Saturday, February 23, 2013



 Milos is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades, Milos has approximately 130 kilometers of coastline with more than 50 sandy and rocky beaches.
 Feature of the island is majestic and beautiful bay which is one of the largest natural harbors in Europe and throughout the Mediterranean, Milos is a rich island at all, from the mines of today comes the famous perlite, and tourism developed greatly in recent years.

 The beaches of Milos will be unforgettable, white, black and red rocks with their own wild beauty not found anywhere in Greece, white gold sand, blue water with color to fascinate most exciting and beautiful that I honestly do not know anymore protodialexeis, Milos will not stick on a beach, but you'll want to go into all each have their own grace and unique beauty.

Villages Milos Adamas is which is the island's port but the heart of the island, another village of Plaka, which is the capital of the island, a beautiful picturesque village where you will see the archaeological and folklore museum, yet another settlement is, plates, Tripiti, and Pollonia which is a picturesque fishing village and tourist resort in the second apple from Pollonia you can get boats going to Kimolos.
Local products can be found at Apple are pitarakia are pies with delicious local cheese and traditional sweet candy with sweet pumpkin.

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  1. It looks like a beautiful and interesting place to visit, but the music is somewhat eerie like a horror movie. Makes me feel like it's dangerous there.