Sunday, September 30, 2012


   Rodos has constant presence of sunlight during the biggest part of the year .According to Greek mythology, the island emerged from the sea foam and was given as apresent to "Helios" ,the Sun -god .

On the island Helios became a couple with the nymph Rhodes ,their 7 sons were called Heliades. 
     Rodos is the capital island of Dodecanese islands complex , in south east Aegian Sea .From its port tourists can also visit the other islands :Patmos , Lipsi , Arki , Leros , Kalymnos ,Pserimos, Kos , Nisyros , Astipalea , Tilos , Halki , Simi , Kassos , Karpathos , Kastelorizo , Agathonisi and decade of other smaller ones. 
In all Dodecanese islands temperature is high during at least late November. Rodos has also a casino.It's located in a luxury hotel by the beach ,in a short distance from the historical center of Rodos city . 

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Spiders - People in Kalymnos. The Mecca of climbing in Europe hosts one of the largest festivals in the world. The North Face  Kalymnos Climbing Festival. The rocks of Kalymnos is unique in the world because it is made of limestone, stalactites and large caves. Estimated to have arrived on the island around  1.500 climbers.

Friday, September 28, 2012


One of the most picturesque cities in northern Greece.

  Kastoria city with its cobbled streets and  park is built on the shores of  Orestiada Lake . 
 Enjoy boating and fishing in the unique wetlands for waterfowl and birds of prey. 
 Kastoria city is famous for the  mansions architecture of the seventeenth and eighteenth century.The city is also world wide known for the production of exquisite furs .

Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's a very easy to prepare snack.You can combine it with Greek salad ,fried potatoes or boiled vegetables. 
You will need :
100gr. of "hard" cheese
a bowl of water
some flour
oil at very high temperature in order to fry the piece of cheese
Watch the video
 Serve with ouzo and a good appetite!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hollywood stars Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst  in Knossos , Crete.   Already started filming the award winning Patricia Chaismith thriller "The Two Faces of January", which takes a large part on Greek territory.

Greece’s Central Archaeological Council gave the go-ahead for shootings to begin in Knossos, Crete on September 28. Set in 1962, The Two Faces of January, features Mortensen and Dunst playing glamorous American couple Chester Macfarland and his attractive, younger wife Collette befriending young Greek-speaking American Rydal, played by Isaac, who is working as a tour guide in Athens, scamming tourists on the side. In thrall of Collette’s beauty and the couple’s wealth, Rydal accepts an invitation to dinner. He soon discovers that the couple’s affable, well-to-do exterior hides dark secrets.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


     Ιn central Greece,between Hassia and Pindos mountains , giant rocks tower and create a unique spectacular phenomenon .
  During the last 30 million years geological changes,winds,rain and have been carving the stone scenery of Meteora .
     In the cavities , fissures and peaks of rocks of Meteora people living in the region  found protection of the invasions from  various conquerors and enemies who threatened them .
 The same place offered also a shelter to several bold hermits  seeking for tranquility  and a peaceful place for praying ,and spiritual contact with God .

Monday, September 24, 2012


 Karpenissi is located on the slopes of  Timfristos Mountain, at an altitude of 960 meters,in central Greece .
  According to a survey by UNESCO, Evritania prefecture ,and specifically Karpenissi, is regarded as one of the leading environmental purity region in the world, and the cleanest in Europe .This is why the region is the "basis" for research measurements deemed to have zero pollution . 

 Karpenissi has hotels,studios and rooms for all budgets ,a modern ski center and is considered as a youth resort.Try traditional grilled meat dishes and sausages .

Sunday, September 23, 2012

IOANNINA. The city of legends


In the heart of  HPEIROS, endowed with towering mountains and rushing rivers, the prefecture of Ioannina awaits the discerning visitor to introduce him to paths unprecedented and unique experiences.
The Ioannina prefecture's capital and largest city of Epirus, with irrefutable evidence of their history, is perfectly able to drag the legend to the traveler who is ready to leave the magic of verdant nature in its tracks, deep and indelible, who left the proud city, Greeks and foreigners who walked in yperchiliochroni trail, revealing the secrets of one to one with generosity.

Starting from the Lake of Ioannina, Ioannina was legendary, with their famous island, the waters of which mirrored the castle, bustling and enthusiastic so far, Ioannina is a thriving, growing city that proudly bears its past highlighting every aspect of .

 The Island of Pamvotida

A small oasis of greenery and tranquility in the midst of Pamvotis opposite Ioannina, is the Island. It has another name and probably not very appropriate, since we all know it. The original dwelling has no stand can be ascertained from the sources, but the eight monasteries, still standing, is irrefutable evidence of Byzantine and post-Byzantine past.

According to tradition, apart from the monks, the first inhabitants of the island of Ioannina, stepped on the soil of the 17th century. Derived from Mani, which is borne honorable even today the residents. Although inhabited islands in the lake is a rare phenomenon worldwide, about 100 families have chosen to remain in Pamvotis Island, which is located less than 10 minutes from Ioannina.

Besides well known as a famous monastic center of the island past is remembered as the place where the mighty assassinated Ali Pasha Tepelenlis. Pasha in Ioannina from the late 18th century. to 1820 was killed by the bullets of the soldiers of the mighty Hursit Pasha, who had waged against autonomised Sultan Pasha.

Lake of Ioannina

The Ioannina was the second oldest lake in Europe after Lake Ohrid, known as the lake of Ioannina is the pride of Ioannina. The beautiful lake crowned by mountains Mitsikeli and east ridges of hides, or else the Olytsikas and basin filled waters mainly three sources of Ntrampantovas of Sentenikou and Kria, who gush and three from the foothills of Mitsikeli and streams.

Two features characterize the lake Pamvotis: the peninsula, where we have built the castle of Ioannina and the famous Island, one of the few inhabited islands, lakes, and probably the only one without a name, presumably because they do not need. Suffice to say the Island of Lake of Pamvotis or the Island of Ioannina and everyone understands what you speak.

The wet Pamvotis "responsible" for the wonderful winter atmosphere that adorns Ioannina and the glittering summer for their picture on it straftalizoun when the sun's rays.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Thessaloniki ,capital city of Macedonia region -North Greece,is the second biggest city of the country .It's a modern city famous for it's nice suburbs near the sea, it's extraordinary gourmet cuisine(mixture of oriental and Mediterranean food culture ) , it's night life variety and the historical attractions.

     The Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki has a valuable collection of  archaeological finds.

The most exquisite are the ones found in the tomb of the ancient Macedonian king Filippos,father of Alexander the great. 
  In short distance from Thessaloniki , tourist have also the opportunity to visit  2 very significant places.
In Vergina,the capital of ancient Macedonians  ,the excavations have revealed the king Filippos' tomb , containing golden urn, shield, and wreath .
Ancient Dion was a holly ,spiritual and cultural city of the ancient Macedonian community.

Friday, September 21, 2012


EPIDAUROUS. It was a sanctuary of healing, dedicated to Asklepios, the God of Healing

Epidaurus is situated in the mountains to the east of the Plain of Argos. It was a sanctuary of healing, dedicated to Asklepios, the God of Healing. People came to Epidaurus from all over Greece, to make offerings to the God, and for health treatments as well. It served all the functions of a modern hospital, gym, hotel and temple, with entertainment laid on as well. Most of the site was reduced to ruins and very few of the buildings are more than just the bases of walls, but an attempt is being made to rebuild some of it, carefully identifying the positions of the stones and adding new ones to fill in the gaps.

The prosperity brought by the Asklepieion enabled Epidaurus to construct civic monuments too: the huge theatre that delighted Pausanias for its symmetry and beauty, which is used once again for dramatic performances, the ceremonial Hestiatoreion (banqueting hall), baths and a palaestra. The theater was designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC. The original 34 rows were extended in Roman times by another 21 rows.

The theatre is marveled for its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken word from the proscenium or skênê to all 15,000 spectators, regardless of their seating (see Ref., in Greek). Famously, tour guides have their groups scattered in the stands and show them how they can easily hear the sound of a match struck at center-stage.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


     High quality - affordable price . Here there are some of the most famous Greek products :
Extra virgin olive oil,it's worth.Good for your health,gourmet product.Tourists can find it in all super markets in multiple variations .

Olives ,in many variations also.Salty,in vinegar,lemon,with herbs.Sold all over Greek market in competitive prices.
Green traditional soap.Good for sensitive skin and kids, extraordinary  results.

Herbs,like oregano, lavender, chamomile, dittany, mountain tea, basil, mint, rosemary, anise, thyme from Greek mountains ,sold even in touristic shops.

Μastic.A unique product .You can find it in  unprocessed ,crystalline form,in sugarplum and liquor.Excellent for pastry making (as flavoring) .

Dried fruits(raisins and figs,beans lentils and chickpeas ) .
Τry also  Greek sweets made by Greek fruits in delicious syrup(the traditional way or as cover on cheese cakes) . 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


          The Samaria gorge ,is located  in White Mountains in Chania area -western Crete island . 
Ιts length is 18 km and it's the longest gorge in Europe. The most famous animal that lives there is the Cretan ibex, the so called "Kri-kri" .
The Samaria gorge is also a fertile place of rare herbs and other plants , like the wild burning bush and wildflowers . Following the path in the gorge is a unique experience that takes 4-8 hours and ends to Aghia Rouymeli beach , at the south side of Crete .

      Along the way there are sources of clean water .

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


KARDAMILI. One of the south Mediterranean's best-kept secrets


One of the south Mediterranean's best-kept secrets
 KARDAMILI is a spectacularly beautiful seaside village located in the Mani, a stunning region in the southern Peloponnese, the coast of Greece defined by travel connoisseurs as the New Côte d'Azur. Set dramatically against a backdrop of crystalline aqua-blue waters, majestic cypress trees, wild olive groves, verdant rolling hills and distant snowcapped mountains, it is one of the prettiest of villages that overlook the calm seas and splendid sunsets of the Messinian Gulf. 3 hours and 30 minutes' drive from either the capital of Athens or the port of Patras, and just 35 km from the nearby city of Kalamata, it remains one of the south Mediterranean's best-kept secrets: an exclusive, small, unspoilt resort that boasts stately villas, enchanting stone maisonettes, lush gardens, a picturesque harbour and fantastic beaches.

 Something for everyone

The village caters to many tastes. It is a favourite summer haunt of families and companions, but also of yachters and trend-setters who are into new and undiscovered European holiday destinations, as well as a cultural and social hub for foreigners from all corners of the globe who enjoy holiday homes in the Municipality of Lefktro. This extended international community also includes renowned actors, artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists and writers. Visitors come for romantic week-end breaks, friendly get-togethers and memorable family/group vacations. Inspiring, unique and welcoming, Kardamili is both an ideal place for holidays and a special retreat for long relaxing spells.

Kardamyli was, in his later years, the principal home of the British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, who was made an honorary citizen of the village for his participation in the Greek Resistance during World War II. He died in hospital in 2011 the day after returning to his other home in Dumbleton in England.

Monday, September 17, 2012


    It's delicious ,it is easy to cook ,it's the world famous moussaka. 

Watch the video of lovely Eva . .

   Serve it with ouzo ,cold beer or white whine.
A useful piece of advice : You can eat  moussaka after hours also ,the next day is even more tasty !

Saturday, September 15, 2012



 Mount Athos is situated in the entire third, eastern and most beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki, called the peninsula of Athos. It is the only place in Greece that is completely dedicated to prayer and worship of God.
    For this reason, it is called the Holy Mount.
    The Holy Mount is about 50 Km in length, 8 to 12 Km in width and it covers an area of about 350 square kilometres.
    The borders of the monasterial city are defined on the ground by an imaginary line that starts from the location "FRAGOKASTRO" in the West coast and reaches the cape "ARAPIS" in the opposite end.
    The natural beauty of the peninsula is extraordinary. The highest point of Mount Athos is like a huge cone, reaching 2033 metres in height. It’s a naked, treeless crest that seems to lance the sky and its slopes are fully covered by ancient evergreens. All these help to create an area of incomparable natural beauty.

Only males are allowed entrance into Mount Athos, which is called "Garden of the Virgin" by monks,[4] and Orthodox Christians take precedence in the permit issuance procedure. Only males over the age of 18 who are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church are allowed to live on Athos, either as monks or as workers.
 Athos in Greek mythology is the name of one of the Gigantes that challenged the Greek gods during the Gigantomachia. Athos threw a massive rock against Poseidon which fell in the Aegean sea and became the Mount Athos. According to another version of the story, Poseidon used the mountain to bury the defeated giant.

According to the athonite tradition, the Blessed Virgin Mary was sailing accompanied by St John the Evangelist from Joppa to Cyprus to visit Lazarus. When the ship was blown off course to then pagan Athos it was forced to anchor near the port of Klement, close to the present monastery of Iviron. The Virgin walked ashore and, overwhelmed by the wonderful and wild natural beauty of the mountain, she blessed it and asked her Son for it to be her garden. A voice was heard saying "Ἔστω ὁ τόπος οὖτος κλῆρος σὸς καὶ περιβόλαιον σὸν καὶ παράδεισος, ἔτι δὲ καὶ λιμὴν σωτήριος τῶν θελόντων σωθῆναι" (Translation: "Let this place be your inheritance and your garden, a paradise and a haven of salvation for those seeking to be saved"). From that moment the mountain was consecrated as the garden of the Mother of God and was out of bounds to all other women.

 The Holy Mount is a self- governed part of the Greek state, subject to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its political aspect and to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinopole as regards its religious aspect.
    It has been divided into twenty self- governed territories. Each territory consists of a cardinal monastery and some other monastic establishments that surround it (cloisters, cells, cottages, seats, hermitages).
    All the monasteries are communes (of a convent nature) which means that there is common liturgy, prayer, housing, nourishing and work among the monks. The Superior of the monastery, being elected by the monks for life, is responsible for the affairs of the monastery. The Superiors of the monasteries are members of the Holy Assembly and exercise legislative authority.
    Moreover, every year the monastery elects its representative to the Holy Community which exercises administrative authority, while the Holy Supervision exercises executive authority and consists of 4 members, elected by the 5 hierarchically preceding monasteries.
Mount Athos (/ˈæθɒs/; Greek: Όρος Άθως, Oros Athos Greek pronunciation: [ˈaθos]) is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. A World Heritage Site and self-governed state in the Hellenic Republic, Athos is home to 20 stavropegial Eastern Orthodox monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the patriarch of Constantinople. Today Greeks commonly refer to Mount Athos as the "Holy Mountain"

Though land-linked, Mount Athos is practically accessible only by boat. There are two large ferries, Agios Panteleimon and Axion Estin, that travel daily (weather permitting) between Ouranoupolis and Dafni, with stops at some monasteries on the western coast along the way. There is also a smaller speed boat, Agia Anna, which travels the same route, but with no intermediate stops. It is possible to travel by ferry to and from Ierissos for direct access to monasteries along the eastern coast. The daily number of visitors entering Mount Athos is restricted and all are required to obtain a special entrance permit valid for a limited period.