Friday, August 31, 2012


Ten  quick tips from Peter Lavelle
Planning a holiday to Greece? Then of course you'll want to get the best euro exchange rate when you buy your travel money.But how do you do it? How do you maximise your euro exchange rate? In this article I want to share with you ten quick tips to put you on the right track.
1.Don't change currencies at the airport.
This is because you are a captive customer at the airport,meaning the bureaux de change can charge whatever rate they like without giving you the chance to compare.
2.Beware using your domestic debit or credit card.
This is because,though they might be free to use at home,use them abroad and you could be subject to a host of  fees.This can include a fee to withdraw cash and use the card in shops,depending on your bank.
To be absolutely sure,it's best to call your bank and ask what fees they charge if you use your card abroad before you travel.
3.Beware using your debit or credit card to change currencies at home.
This is because,as above,you can be subject to an extra fee forusing you plastic to exchange currencies at home.
To be safe,withdraw the sum you want to convert from a cash machine first for free,and then exchange this cash direct at the bureau de change or post office.
4.Consider alternatives to travel cash.
Prepaid travel cards can make a good alternative to cash because, unlike cash,you can get them replaced if you lose them with your euros intact.In addition,the exchange rates they provide can be better than those you receive from bureau de change.
Of course, before you buy a prepaid travel card, make sure to look at the fees and charges attached to make sure you're getting the best deal.
5.Begin looking at the rates as far in advance as you can.
This is because,if you leave it to the last minute,you'll have to accept whatever rate is available there and then.
If you look in advance on the other hand,you give yourself a better chance to find a good rate in the available time.
6.If a good rate is available,accept it there and then.
If you look at the exchange rates one day and like what you see,exchange currencies there and then.
This is because all to often people decide to hang on to see how high the rate will go.By the next time they look however,it's already sunk beneath the point the saw in the first place,so the lose out.
7.Use Google to find out the latest interbank exchange rate.
If you enter the curencies codes of the curencies you want ot exchange ,Google will deliver the latest interbank exchange rate for you.
For instance,if you want to change US dollars to euros,enter 'USD to EUR' into the search engine.This will give you the rates accurate up to 15 minutes.
However,do bear in mind that Google will return to the  interbank rate,which is a  rate used by international banks to exchange currencies.This is not totally indicative of the rate you'll actually receice.
8.Compare exchange rates.
Don't accept the first exchange rate you're given.Instead,use a website like to find out where you can find the best exchange rate on a given day.
9.Seek guidance if you're unsure.
If you're not sure,if the current exchange rate is good or not ,or you're unsure about the process,seek guidance from your money exchange dealer.
They should be able to tell you how your currencies are performing compared to a recent past,and advise you as to how best to exchange currencies for you.
10.Avoid exchanging currencies at the low of the day.
On any given day,the exchange rate will go up or down from where it started.At its lowest point, that's what we call the low of the day.Avoid exchanging currencies here, because it means you'llreceive less of whatevwer currency you're buying.
Find out more
I do hope this post has been useful.
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Thursday, August 30, 2012


 Papigo is in the north-east of Ioannina - latitude 039 N58, longitude 020 E44 - in a distance of 59 km.
The mountain range of Timfis, the crowns of which reach 2.497 m., dominates in the entire village shaping in the north the ravine of Aoos and in the south-west the imposing gorge of Vikos, with the river Voidomatis.
The Big Papigo is situated in an altitude of 900 m., the Small Papigo in an altitude of 980 m. and the distance between them is roughly 2 km.
Its extent is 34.131 hectares from which 150 are agricultural areas, 29.431 pasture lands, 800 forests, 300 waters and 3300 urban areas.
The 2001 inventory recorded 360 residents.

 The Community of Papigo

Papigo is one of the 46 villages of the residential, cultural and historical unit of Zagori. The particular layout, the rich vegetation of the region and the unique ferocity of its landscape always draw a lot of visitors from Greece and abroad. Separated in two districts (mahalades), the Big and the Small, that are built at the foot of Astrakas under the imposing towers and the fabulous Drakolimni, Papigo has a tradition of exceptional hospitality and a particular way of maintaining the land-planning and cultural organisation of the local society.


Parga , in north western Greece ,is a blessed spot of 

earth .

Magnificent sea sides,picturesque castles ,natural beauty ,paved small streets in the 

city center ,form a  special destination that every year gains new friends from all over 


 Μany tourists that  travel by car to Greece via Italy find there a clever destination. Ιts is 

only one hour away from Igoumenitsa , the port where the modern ferry boats from 

Bari or Ancona arrive.

Season by season Parga ameliorates  its touristic service quality .Visitors have the 

option to find in the area  rooms , hotels and apartments for all kind of 

budgets.Especially this time of the year there is the opportunity to discover very good 

offers ( we have spotted and )

 Don't miss beach sides of Kryoneri,Piso Kryoneri,valtos,sarakiniko,Lichnos and Ai 

Giannakis. The most popular attraction of the region is the isle with the medieval 

church opposite of the city.

     Parga is daily connected to Corfu,Lefkada ,Paxi and Antipaxi islands .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Τhe dimeni September-October is ideal for many tourists that want to visit Paros.

     The weather is still very good, the beach sides and restaurants less crowded,sea and air connection to Piraeus and Athens are frequent.The morning dew during this period makes even more pleasant excursions to traditional villages like Marpisa and Lefkes,or to the small antiparos isle.

 The most important! Accomodation costs are lower (mid and low season),check for example

  Night life in Paros is as usually exquisite and there is always is wide range of sports activities like swimming, scuba diving,wind and kite surfing. 

ANDROS. A fairly green island for the Cyclades.

 Andros is an island that has enough tourism to be quite well organised, but not so much that it has become too commercialised.
A fairly green island for the Cyclades, Andros offers some really nice beaches, pretty villages and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. It is the second largest island among the Cyclades, and its high mountains and deep valleys make an unforgettable impression.
Although not a party island, the nightlife here is quite varied and those who love fishing, sailing and snorkelling will certainly find their paradise

 Andros is completely different to all other islands in the Cyclades. With its high and craggy mountains, deep, green and fertile valleys, its abundant running water, plateaus, terraced
farmlands, steep coasts and the many large and small golden sandy beaches, is one of constant contrasts and surprises. Its perfect for gentle strolling, hiking or driving and within a
few kilometres the landscape surroundings change dramatically. One moment you are in a dry, scrubby windswept area and the next in a forest of pines, or a wood of chestnut, plane
and oak trees with the sound of running water babbling over its stony riverbed. You can move from the sunbaked sandy beach with clear sparkling blue sea of the seashore to green
and fertile valley or lush gorge that is rich with vegetation and flora.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

KIMOLOS. An island almost untouched by the human hand.


Kimolos is a Cycladic island that seems to have remained unchanged over the years. Kimolos, an island almost untouched by the human hand, an island with countless natural beauties, has become the refuge of the monachus monachus seal but also of many other rare species. Life in Kimolos is simple and days go by peacefully and beautifully. There’s no intense nightlife on the island and this is what makes Kimolos stand out from the rest of the touristic islands of Cyclades. However, you will find rooms to let, little taverns, a few bars and adorable locals who will, joyfully, welcome you to their island. The local dishes are excellent but most importantly, all products of the island are very fresh. You can visit the Archaeological Museum of Kimolos, the Castle of the island, go diving and explore the island as well. The snow white houses in Kimolos, the scenic alleys, the beautiful beaches, the good food, the relaxed way of life and the hospitable locals will impress and enchant you. If you too want to spend unforgettable holidays in Kimolos, all you have to do is book your ferry tickets now.

 Connection With Other Islands

Kimolos has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens), Folegandros, Kythnos, Milos, Paros, Serifos, Sifnos, Syros.


     Kos,located in Dodecanese islands complex in Eastern Greece ,is a litteraly cosmopolitan place. 

Italian architecture matches in a marvelous way with buildings of the Ottoman period. 
Ancient Greek and Roman exhibits are in a small distance from contemporary hotels and modern bars. 
Every thing looks in a wonderful harmony in Kos ,which is considered as the island of Hippocrates ,father of medicin: ancient Asklipieion ,a temple dedicated to cure methods ,the Antimacheia  and Nerangia castles ,built by the St.John's templar knights,during the Crusades.Tourists can pass by boat to Turkey.
     Thanks to its hot climate island's hotel are opened until late November.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


  Ithaca-Ithaki is    a small island in Ionian Sea,in western Greece.
Arriving at the island ,visitors can easily understand why Odysseus was struggling for ten years to return home.
 Wonderful beach sides, picturesque environment,reach nature ,traditional settlements and  good night life is the combination that makes Ithaki  a very good touristic option.

   At the museum of the island there are exhibits of the Odysseus' era,(Μycenaean period,-appr.1000 BC )  Recently archaeologists had also excavated the palace of Odysseias' hero.

Many tourists choose to follow scuba diving lessons from experts and enjoy the wonderful sea bed οr walk along the browser paths .The island has also  agro-toutistic activity.

Friday, August 24, 2012



 Since last year it's been a trend for European tourists to rent a furnished summer house with kitchen and refrigerator in coastal areas .

 Ιn many cases, this decision is considered as much profitable because many houses have more than one rooms.This is why  families with children, that would have to pay for 2 rooms, prefer this solution .

Families have also the opportunity to cook meals in their own kitchen ,reducing the holidays expenses.Big friends-companies of  adults choose this option too,requiring houses with 2 toilets.

The duration of rental depends on region and demand.
     Some friend groups or big families with many adults rent the same house for more than a month, take a good price and sharing summer period and cost in two or three.

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Sikinos is  a small island of Cyclades islands complex,in the center of Aegian Sea.Only a few foreign tourists know it, but when visitors arrive there the feel immediately surprised by the warmth of the friendly local people.

     The island of Sikinos is ideal for calm and relaxing vacations for the whole family, and for those that love diving. For gourmet lovers ,it is famous for fresh fish and exquisite virgin olive oil adapted to local gastronomy products and cuisine.Sikinos is the adequate scenery for romantic photos during sunset and sunrise.   
   You can find there small hotels and nice rooms to let with good prices especially this period.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Kyllini lies on the west coast of the Peloponnese, in the region of Ilia. The Peloponnese is one of the most unspoilt areas remaining in Greece. The region combines images and scents of the sea and mountains; of citrus, olives and grapes.
All beaches of  Kyllini area are of exquisite natural beauty and purity. Swimming into the clear waters of any of them, will be  an excellent and unforgettable experience.
Some of  them are also well organized, offering  great opportunities for your leisure time ( night life, water sports facilities and so on).

      Killini is three hours from Athens away. Can be reached by car and you have the chance to find cheap and comfortable rooms. There are also many big "all inclusive" hotels.

This exotic golden beach (thin golden sand) in the photo above, is awarded with the Blue Flag, and is one of the most beautiful in West Peloponnese.
It is more than 11 kilometres long, giving the visitors a great feeling of relaxation and rest.
Depending on weather conditions, you can have an excellent view of the neighbor  islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia.  Every corner of this land brings to mind some myth or historical event. The sandy beaches, the quaint villages and warm Greek hospitality make the area ideal for family holidays.


After months of hard work and stress we all need relax ,calmness and some time dedicated to our body,soul and health.

Greece is famous for its hot springs,spas and water cure installations in many areas.

 Tourists have a wide range of choices.Simple swimming pools,jacuzzi, fangotherapy, luxurious hotels private whirlpools and chiropractic experts.

Health tourism is particularly popular during spring ,participation fees and rooms in simple installations are not expensive.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

EVIA . THE COLOURFUL ISLAND. Evia has been blessed with an incredible landscape that throbs with verdant forests, rivers, ravines, infinite beaches and crystal waters. Furthermore, the archaeological findings render the island even more interesting, while the various beautiful settlements embellish the region.

The island of Evia, located on the eastern coast of Central Greece, is second in size only to the island of Crete. Evia is a wonderful holiday and vacation destination that is ideal for all types of holidays throughout the year.
Evia is best described as being an island with three main parts – the north, central and south. Each has it’s own inspiring landscape, rich vegetation and colourful scenery, interesting history, ancient sites and place of interest. There are many beautiful villages and towns scattered all across this charming island, each offering visitors an insight into both the past and present traditions of this truly unique and picturesque island. Evia has a very diverse and inspiring landscape. For lovers of nature, the islands has some breathtaking imagery, as well as beautiful ravines and forests that are just crying out to be explored.
With extremely easy access from all over Greece, Evia is always a popular choice for those who are looking for a holiday destination that will suit everyone needs and desires.