Wednesday, October 31, 2012


     A floating palace has arrived yesterday in the blue waters of Aegian Sea."Celebrity Reflection" , one of the most impressive cruise ships of Mediterranean, made ​​its maiden voyage to Greece with the first port of arrival in Rodοs .

     On board there were about 3.000  tourists and 2.700 personel members .After Rodos and Myconos, the new cruise ship of "Celebrity Cruises" will continue its journey to Mediterranean locations for the next two months.

"Celebrity Reflection" has luxury suites, aqua spa, outdoors with natural grass, great restaurants ,cafes and bars .Ιt also offers spectacular theatrical and musical performances.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Call it "jewel Mainalou" and keep the "scepter" in Arcadia tourists for four decades. The picturesque and stately green Vytina stretches lazily in Mainalo, bordered ... from the trees and creates a sense of serenity through the picturesque streets of the Square, with the old church, the streets and the endless paths that they "promise".

 Beautiful, cool, serene, green and scenic, civilized and hospitable, Vytina remains the grand dame of tourism development in Arcadia. Stretches lazily in Mainalo, firs bounding and flavor it with that particular scent and freshness that is difficult to forget, and endowed with rare climate, which for years was considered healing of soul and body. 
Stately and beautiful Vitina, with old petrospita, picturesque narrow, the vibrant square with the old church, dentroskepasta streets for walking, the woods and the countryside, rewards the visitor with an unforgettable vacation. Around short distances, there are villages of extraordinary beauty, rivers, springs, historical monuments, monasteries, places of magic worthy to explore. The most important thing advantage of holidays in Vitina is here that the visitor honored particularly high level of tourist accommodation.

Monday, October 29, 2012



Horseback riding is a sport that is worth trying in Lefkada.
In Vassiliki Bay and in  the olive grove of Lefkada city, there are riding schools  for unforgettable excursions.

Also, just outside the city, in the Apolpena village , in an area of ​​100 acres, there is a very well organized farm ,where  Natural Horse Riding  lovers can take courses and simultaneously enjoy the mountains and the sea along with the horse .

Lefkada city remains "alive" during winter and  many modern hotels and hostels are open as the island is considered as an ideal destination all year long. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012



     Hiking in Kythira is an alternative touristic 

proposal.The target of the 

project covers also ecotourism and excursions 


Natural beauty 

of the island which is located in northern 

Greece,has become an attraction 

or hikers from Europe .

During Fall and Spring 

organized touristic 


arrive in the island and  browse sites in the 

mountains ,rivers and the city 

of Kithira.The sport is open to all ages, since 

each participant moves at its 

own pace while enjoying nature.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


  Porto Lagos is a picturesque fishing 

village26 km from Xanthi city in 

north eastern Greece .

 The grove and 

Vistonida lake is 


wetland of particular 

ecological importance, giving a  

distinct color and attract the 

interest of the visitors.It has a port 

that hosts many fishing boats . 

Adjacent to 

Porto Lagos, visitors can experience  

calmness at the St. Nicholas 

monastery, a unique historic and 

religious "jewel" in the place .

Friday, October 26, 2012


Arta region in Northern 

Greece has NATURA 

attractions with  

incredible beauty.

Amvrakikos Gulf, an 

exciting "inland sea" 


20 small lagoons which 

are a natural   fish and 

crustaceans breeding .

Amvrakikos Bay is the 

only place in Greece where systematically are 

used satellite transmitters to sea turtles and a 

special mark (tag), by scientist in order to 

understand the animals movements  in the 

marine environment away from nesting 


 Achelous Valley  in his path developed unique 

ecosystems that include rare in Europe -plant 

and animal- species. Bears, deer, vultures, 

wolves and eagles live in inaccessible areas, the 

presumption that the ecosystem is in excellent 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RECIPES. RAKOMELO. Induce euphoria. Raises libido and cures sore throats and coughs.


Rakomelo from Amorgos is the mixing of Cretan raki with honey and other spices. Since ancient times, the inhabitants of Amorgos and small Cyclades were producing a traditional drink to treat their guests and guests at the weddings of their children. The drink is named "Raki Cooked" or "honey." This beverage also is the official treat of visiting the monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissas Amorgos. Consist of grape spirit, honey and herbs without any preservative. Rakomelo is the ideal drink after causing euphoria and mood, boosts libido and is suitable after dinner as a digestive function as a result of honey and herbs available. Served warm, at room temperature and cold.


1. coffee pot
2. cinnamon
3. 4 to 5 cloves
4. Cretan raki (raki not / raki aniseed or other aromatics)
5. honey
Raki warmed over low heat and careful not to boil because danger of catching on fire! From the beginning we have put so much raki glasses you want to make little cinnamon.
Add the cloves. Put as many as the people who will drink to have one of each of the glass below. No more though because this bitter .....

Once the warm up we put honey a teaspoon per cup.

Shuffling and just started making a lot of noise to remove and serve.
Be careful because there is a risk of fire.
Someone told me that it is the drink of cold. Eventually they built the village in winter fir forest and changed his mind. If not for circulation in summer.


In southern Greece,near Kalamata city

(Peloponnese) ,is located the Polilymnion Gorge 

with its waterfalls and an unknown to the wide

public  complex of small lakes.

15 lakes  with strange names like Mavrolimni,

Kadi, Kadoula of Lucky, the

Italian, the Virgin Mary, Stathoulis well hidden

for many years, only

recently became known to  travelers and

naturalists .

Small gorges, lush

vegetation and beautiful

waterfalls will turn a 3

kilometers-medium difficulty walking  in a

unique and unforgettable


The waters of the gorge poured into the arms of
the Gulf. 

Following  the canyon down ,travelers will  

reach a cave with beautiful 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Grevena in north western Greece, is called "The Mushroom City" as in the area there are recorded  2000 species of wild mushrooms .

During this period at the mountainous villages many inhabitants have still the daily habit to collect this gourmet material and prepare local delicious dishes (starters , pies, main course, dessert  even ice cream with mushrooms).

 Experienced collectors organize in the wood courses  for persons  who want to distinguish edible mushrooms and to help them obtain and maintain them.

Famous chefs organize also in Grevena gastronomy seminars and events on  based on mushrooms.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Kefalonia in western Greece, is Located west 

of  Peloponnese, north 

and south of the island of Lefkada and is 

the largest island of the Ionian Sea, and the 

fifth biggest in Greece.

The island is an ideal 

touristic destination all 

year-round.The national Park

of Ainos is world famous 

thanks to rare kind of 

blue spruce .The various 

groups of hikers on the island discove the 

hidden beauties of the island 

during the winter.The various groups of hikers 

on the island discovering 

ponds for swimming, wildlife.

Until early December large cruise ships, visit 

the island  and many tourists enjoy

the exquisite weather

Sunday, October 21, 2012



 Nestled in the lap of vast landscapes, uncontaminated by the noise of the city, small villages enthrone the visitor on top of a different Greece. Where travelers 'surf' on green oceans from dizzying heights or follow shadows forgotten streets, tales from the crypt of the year. A journey into the depths of Argithea dimensional dream like you see with eyes and mind open.

 The baths of  Smokovo are  35th km of road Karditsa - Rendina at an altitude of 450 meters is "hidden" in a green glade overgrown and shady oak leaved plane trees. Each bathing season full of life and "host" crowd activities. Belonging to the Municipal District Loutropigi and operate in the form of your community in 1982. Access by car is easy and at the bathing season there are daily bus services from Karditsa. For the convenience of bathers and visitors work alongside modern spa completely renovated hotels B 'C' and D 'class Municipal Corporation Smokovou (Unwritten, Thessaly, Meteora, Pindos, Tempe) and guesthouses (Haido, Athena, Calypso) . The capacity of the infrastructure is close to 250 rooms.

 Plastira Lake

A blue human touch in a green canvas created by nature. It seems that both did their creative transcendence and revealed the stunning Lake Plastiras. By the time the one absorbed by the other (lake and landscape) and together they form one of the most beautiful parts of our country. An ideal place for an anxiolytic dash. Thus, to stimulate our little regionalism and to see that our country deserves a little more attention.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Ski center

Above the Thermal Baths proudly dominates the mountain Voras Kaimaktsalan at a height of 2,524 m. With its almost always snowy peaks touching the blue sky and its filled with history slopes, this border mountain turned to a pole of attraction of every place in Greece.
The Voras ski centre that functions on an altitude of 2,480 m. attracts thousands of visitors each year and abstains just 40 minutes from our Hotel.

 Report point are the 14 tracks from which 4 are of Olympic specifications, the 6 lift, the snowboard tracks and the good quality of the snow during all the months of its operation. However, the winter sports do not stop here. At Voras Kaimaktsalan you can fly with "para pente", as well as you can climb on one of its countless peaks.
At the end of the day, the spa of thermal Baths of Loutraki in the municipality of Aridea, sink you into their magic waters and the Hotel and Spa Gaia Kaimaktsalan initiate you into the world of luxury.

Hot springs, Thermal Baths Pozar
 Pozar Hot springs with sparkling therapeutical waters along their length and the forest that circles them as if it guards them, can charm even the most incredulous guests.The water that sparkles from the curative springs is called savior by many as it heals many diseases and is proper for thermal bath therapy and drink therapy.
The temperature among the 6 main hot springs is 37 degrees of Celcium. You can enjoy the water into one of the special formed swimming pools at the interior hamams or at one of the 40 thermal bath tubes. For the daring ones the big exterior pool with sparkling warm.
For the even more daring ones the countless waterfalls with the 5 small natural thermal lakes where the warm waters steam from the ground creating unique images, are waiting for you to give you a hydro massage. Precipice rocks, natural waterfalls, wild vegetation with high trees and the famous gorge of the
Baths with the 16 caves is another image of the Baths of Aridea.
It is worth visiting this amazing gorge that constitutes the first cave park of Greece in Aridea. The Thermal Baths , proving the intense of their nature, have organized outdoors activities such as climbing, hiking, rafting and for the more calm guests, tour at the caves and the folklore museum. A land paradise is waiting for you just 10 km far from Aridea and Thessaloniki to offer you wealth, well- being and beauty.