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The rocky hill of the Acropolis, which dominates the center of modern Athens, was the greatest and most magnificent temple of the ancient city, dedicated, primarily, to the patron goddess, Athena. In this sacred space related the major myths of ancient Athens, its greatest religious festivals, earliest cults of the city and several decisive for the history of events. The monuments of the Acropolis stand in harmony with the natural environment are unique masterpieces of ancient architecture, expressing combine different orders and styles of Classical art and influenced the intellectual and artistic creation for many centuries later. The Acropolis in the 5th century. B.C. is the most accurate reflection of the splendor, power and wealth of Athens in the age of greater tip peak, the'' golden age'' of Pericles.


An unique place, mystic, blessed, full of natural beauty and culture, which for centuries now, continues to flourish and captivates every visitor who without realizing it, he initiated the Beauty, Harmony, and in front of the Dream becomes reality. The place is authentic and this is little sign of been inhabited will visit Nafplio.
The "Naples of the East" as they called the Venetian naval, stretched its roots with respect to historicity, the current Nafplion, the first capital of Greece in 1828, with the arrival of Kapodistrias, still adorned with all the traditional elements , untouched by time.

The focal point of the city, Mpoyrtzi, continues to keep alive the legends, polyfotismeni presence in the Bay of Argolis, built on the small island of Agios Theodoros


Leonidas was a king of the city-state of Sparta from about 490 B.C. until his death at the Battle of Thermopylae against the Persian army in 480 B.C. Although Leonidas lost the battle, his death at Thermopylae was seen as a heroic sacrifice because he sent most of his army away when he realized that the Persians had outmaneuvered him. Three hundred of his fellow Spartans stayed with him to fight and die. Almost everything that is known about Leonidas comes from the work of the Greek historian Herodotus 


The White Tower of Thessaloniki is Ottoman fortification built in the 15th century (probably built between 1450-1470). Today it is considered characteristic monument of Thessalonica and is what has been saved from the demolished Ottoman fortifications. The current form of the medieval fortification tower replaced the 12th century, to then be used as a hotel guard Janissaries and as a prison death row. Now serves as a museum and is one of the most known buildings-symbols cities in Greece. It has 6 floors, 34 meters high and 70 meters perimeter.


The archaeological site of Knossos (Knosós GR: Κνωσός) is sited 5 km southeast of the city of Iraklion.
There is evidence that this location was inhabited during the neolithic times (6000 B.C.) . On the ruins of the neolithic settlement was built the first Minoan palace (1900 B.C.) where the dynasty of Minos ruled.
This was destroyed in 1700 B.C and a new palace built in its place.
The palace covered an area of 22,000sq.m, it was multi- storeyed and had an intricate plan. Due to this fact the Palace is connected with thrilling legends, such as the myth of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur.


The Mycenae, the legendary palace of Agamemnon, is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Peloponnese. H position of the acropolis of Mycenae was privileged and strategy. Naturally and artificially fortified not only has oversight of the entire Argolid plain, but also controls all the passages leading outside the Argolid. Thanks to this privileged position they had under their control and regulated trade with southern Greece, M. Minor, Cyprus and Egypt. As we are informed in Homer's Iliad, the ruler of Mycenae dominated the Corinthia, part of Achaia, and many islands of the Aegean. He was a commander in the campaign of Troy having 100 ships.
According to tradition, the Mycenae was founded by Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, the daughter of the king of Argos Akrisiou.

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