Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Meganisi Greece is a small, unexplored paradise among the Greek Islands, just 4 miles away of Lefkada island. It is a verdant small island surrounded by even smaller islets such as Madouri, Thilia, Sparti, Kythros, and the famous Aristotle Onasis' Skorpios Islet. The visitor will be able to enjoy the virgin natural environment that combines lush greenery with emerald sea-water, adorned by the quaint villages. 

 There are many small and magnificent beaches in Meganisi. You will find their shape similar to fjords, with the most famous ones being those of Agios Ioannis, Limonari, Spilia, Pasoumaki, Ambelakia and Atherinos. On the islets of Kastos and Kalamos you will also swim in peaceful, remoted pebble beaches, accessible mainly from the sea.

The island of Meganisi or "the island of the seamen", as it known, has three villages. The biggest one is Vathi, built around the port that gives the vivid atmosphere. Katomeri village comes second, with traditional houses and plenty of tourists. After 4km you will meet the last village of Spartochori, on the island's peak, where the houses are seperated by labyrinth-like alleys.

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