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Hydra is an island in the Saronic Gulf. With what name reportedly the capital and port of the island which is homonymous municipality, which numbered 2,719 inhabitants in the 2001 census, who this barren, engaged mainly in fishing and tourism. It is extremely picturesque and cosmopolitan island mansion.
 Especially popular destination for foreign tourists and Athenians, given the relatively short distance from the capital. It owes its name to the abundant water, gushing from the springs had in antiquity.

 She has significant maritime history and tradition. Restored mansions, the old picturesque port with its battlements and cannons, museums, monasteries, the naval academy, make up the image of the island, which is evidenced by the significant historical importance.

The town of Hydra, which is the only town of the island has been declared a preserved and the movement with cars, is spread over two rocky hills and is full of traditional houses with tiled roofs, heavy blue doors and windows. Hydra decades, is one of the favorite destinations of Greek and foreign episkepton.Sto island there are 300 churches and five monasteries. The most important celebration today in Hydra are Miaoulia which are three-day event dedicated to the action of Admiral Miaoyli and every year towards the end of June that are part of Naval week.

Hydra, more than all the Greek islands, inspired the Fine Arts. Famous Greek and foreign painters exhibited landscapes. Great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall visited her and embossing designs strictly shape. It is no coincidence that Hydra's division of the School of Fine Arts from 1936 housed in the four-storey mansion Tompazi (west port)

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