Thursday, April 11, 2013



Say what However, in no case. When the sun sets Caldera paints and colored houses of Oia in this golden color that suits them both! Those You have not enjoyed yet, Rush quickly!


The wild beauty of Folegandros, steep cliffs that plunge into the sea as opposed to sunset hues create a majestic backdrop, even if from now does not seem the sun dips into the sea.
 keri zakynthos

Here, people gathered early on a hillside that overlooks the Ionian Sea to enjoy the view of the sun disappearing in the depths. The remaining landscape is also impressive, a steep cliff on the right side of the hill and no other land in sight, as the wax is located in the southwest part of the island.

 Monte Smith, Rhodes

The hill that rises above the city of Rhodes, got its current name from the English Admiral Sidney Smith, who erected there a watchdog 1802.O hill hosts the ruins of Upper Acropolis, which contribute to the impressive spectacle of the sunset.

Μyrtos kefallonia

Unreal turquoise waters of, white pebble beaches and cliffs that rise around the beach make the landscape even more entyposiako.Afta combined with a red sun dips into the vast blue of the Ionian Sea, makes us talk about the most spectacular the sunset.

Kaiafas  ILIA

From the endless sandy beach, trail mainland indistinguishable in orizonta.Meta an entire day at the fantastic beach we can see the sun dip into the sea! An old legend says that in Hawaii wishes come true once the last sunbeam lost in water.

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