Thursday, April 4, 2013



Among the streets, next to the churches, behind the freshly painted shutters, through the delivery of island living, the heavenly beaches and the liveliness of the night, Mykonos still keeps its secrets: The happiest singular moments here, on the most famous island in the world, are UNIQUE.

 Mykonos retains full beauty over time, is a perfect host to visitors, offering unlimited vacation awaits you ......

 Mykonos is highly rated among top 'clubbing' destinations in the Mediterranean, while the nightlife is among the best in Europe.
Fair Mykonos has the title of the most cosmopolitan island of Greece. Here travelers from all walks of life and all cultures come together to create an atmosphere of joy unprecedented.

This unique island in the Cyclades has has managed over the years to attract more, and more visitors. It also attracts internationally renowned DJ's, the clubs and bars, which have become famous.
In addition, Mykonos is 'gay-friendly' island during the summer, and has many gay clubs.
  Worldwide known is the 'Super Paradise', Paraga and 'Paradise'.
Overall, the island is well known for its exciting nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs, which serve the most demanding tastes.

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