Friday, March 8, 2013


 The trip to Fourni Ikaria (or Korseon - Crusader Island) does not need much to win your heart. There has not been "worth seeing", but it is worth to live. Deserves to live a swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the best seafood recipes at the best prices. Deserves to live him ... dialogue with the air in the mountainous parts of the island. Deserve to live your hospitality and above all enjoy what you are looking for more: quiet holiday.
 The ovens, center island of the group, came on the tourist map recently. They came but for those seeking something special on holiday, away from the crowds of popular destinations. Approximately 20 years ago the circumstances were different.

The - considerably smaller - ships anchored outside what was then characterized harbor and passengers (there were no cars on the island then) "akrovatousan" in ladder trying to get safely to the boats that were waiting to drive them ashore. Yet even this adventure was an icing on the cake 'rock' holiday island.
The  Country  of Fourni  remains almost unchanged in the quaint streets and houses of traditional architecture. In the evenings, with a backdrop of colorful boats, the beach is filled with people and I think I just finished a concert. Fourni and visitors walk almost incessantly from one end to the other. You think you participate in a parade with irregular step, while ... oncoming meet the same people your smile two to three times. Some loxodromoun and climb to the main square, next to where tall trees are the old cafes island

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