Friday, March 8, 2013


 The Sporades are one of the most popular of all the Greek Islands and attracts many visitors every year.

Skiathos is the most cosmopolitan and touristy island of the Sporades Greece group of island. It is covered with a dense pine forest proclaimed a natural environment that has to be protected and has long sandy fully-organized beaches which are delighting the thousands of tourists visiting the island every year. Being very popular, Skiathos offers many restaurants, taverns, bars and night-clubs staying open until dawn.

Skopelos is the largest of the Sporades Greece islands and is, life its sisters, covered with a verdant and thick pine forest. The capital of the island, Skopelos Town is a pure marvel full of beautiful two-storey Venetian houses with tiled roofs, narrow stone paved streets and whitewashed churches. Apart from its superb town, its lovely mountainous villages and its fine sandy beaches and coves, Skopelos also offers nice bars and taverns.

Alonissos is part of the Sporades Greece Islands and has the wildest natural environment of the group. It is where a rare specie of monk leaves and, for that reason, the island and its surrounding waters have been proclaimed a natural and protected environment. The beaches in Alonissos are astonishing, with pure sand or colourful pebbles and emerald-green crystalline waters.

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