Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 The village of Aggistro is advisable for all kinds of activities because of its location and history.

Our first suggestion is the Byzantine Turkish- bath of Aggistro, to   feel the absolute relaxation of a massage offered from experts. We also suggest you take a walk in nature, in picturesque paths and routes traced on the mountain. You can visit Byzantine monuments and churches in the village of Aggistro and in the surrounding area.

 A few kilometers away, you have the chance to explore our prefecture, such as Lake Kerkini one of the biggest aquatic ecosystems in Greece, the Fortification of Rupel, the ski-center of Lailias, the cave of Aggistro and unique monasteries. You can also consider visiting the neighbouring country of Bulgary, only 10 kms away from Aggistro.

You can go shopping in the shopping centre of Promahonas, where you can find stores with famous label products. It is open all year round. Aggistro is the right choice for those who love hunting, too. Due to the morphology of the land and the vegetation of the specific area there are plenty of animals in all hunting periods.

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