Saturday, September 1, 2012


 NEDA. The female river.
Cliffs, waterfalls, canyons, gorges, plateaus and cool with lush vegetation of reeds, ferns, tall trees and poplars make a unique environment! Neda, an earthly paradise for years lived in obscurity until one group of 7 friends Eira municipality, began to explore the river. It was the first ... Today is the "tipping point" of the area and many are those who traveled many miles every year to visit.

 In a path that does not exceed 32 km's ... "female" river within the limits of Messinia and Ilia, proved enough for endless thrills, unique images and repeated changes of scenery. Among the peaks Tetrazion and mint, on the north edge of Messinia, the water flows towards the Kyparissiakos Gulf, passing under bridges, pigazontas Mount Lykaion, near the village of Petra, in the prefecture of Messinia with Arcadia.

The name Neda due to nymph, a goddess of the waters. According to legend, when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, gave the nymph Neda, to protect him from the man of Saturn. She suckled the infant along with nymphs and Theisoa Agno, the bathed and washed in the headboard Lykaion river current Lucio.

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