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In the heart of  HPEIROS, endowed with towering mountains and rushing rivers, the prefecture of Ioannina awaits the discerning visitor to introduce him to paths unprecedented and unique experiences.
The Ioannina prefecture's capital and largest city of Epirus, with irrefutable evidence of their history, is perfectly able to drag the legend to the traveler who is ready to leave the magic of verdant nature in its tracks, deep and indelible, who left the proud city, Greeks and foreigners who walked in yperchiliochroni trail, revealing the secrets of one to one with generosity.

Starting from the Lake of Ioannina, Ioannina was legendary, with their famous island, the waters of which mirrored the castle, bustling and enthusiastic so far, Ioannina is a thriving, growing city that proudly bears its past highlighting every aspect of .

 The Island of Pamvotida

A small oasis of greenery and tranquility in the midst of Pamvotis opposite Ioannina, is the Island. It has another name and probably not very appropriate, since we all know it. The original dwelling has no stand can be ascertained from the sources, but the eight monasteries, still standing, is irrefutable evidence of Byzantine and post-Byzantine past.

According to tradition, apart from the monks, the first inhabitants of the island of Ioannina, stepped on the soil of the 17th century. Derived from Mani, which is borne honorable even today the residents. Although inhabited islands in the lake is a rare phenomenon worldwide, about 100 families have chosen to remain in Pamvotis Island, which is located less than 10 minutes from Ioannina.

Besides well known as a famous monastic center of the island past is remembered as the place where the mighty assassinated Ali Pasha Tepelenlis. Pasha in Ioannina from the late 18th century. to 1820 was killed by the bullets of the soldiers of the mighty Hursit Pasha, who had waged against autonomised Sultan Pasha.

Lake of Ioannina

The Ioannina was the second oldest lake in Europe after Lake Ohrid, known as the lake of Ioannina is the pride of Ioannina. The beautiful lake crowned by mountains Mitsikeli and east ridges of hides, or else the Olytsikas and basin filled waters mainly three sources of Ntrampantovas of Sentenikou and Kria, who gush and three from the foothills of Mitsikeli and streams.

Two features characterize the lake Pamvotis: the peninsula, where we have built the castle of Ioannina and the famous Island, one of the few inhabited islands, lakes, and probably the only one without a name, presumably because they do not need. Suffice to say the Island of Lake of Pamvotis or the Island of Ioannina and everyone understands what you speak.

The wet Pamvotis "responsible" for the wonderful winter atmosphere that adorns Ioannina and the glittering summer for their picture on it straftalizoun when the sun's rays.

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