Thursday, September 6, 2012


 The lake Volvi (formerly known as Lake Besiki) located in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, in the basin of Mygdonia in Langada Province. Located east of Lake Koronia and the north side of the Via Egnatia passes. To the east lie the narrow Rendina or otherwise Macedonian Tempe. Volvi is the second largest lake in Greece, with an area of ​​approximately 70 km ² and a maximum depth of 20 meters.

Millions of years ago, along with Lake Volvi, Lake Koronia and all Mygdonia basin, formed a great lake. Neighbouring these lakes are what remained ever since.

According to mythology, was the name Volvi nymph with which Hercules had a son in Olintho. From this named lake Volvi. Xenophon mentions it by name volyki.

 The lake Volvi is ideal , a real paradise for windsurfers and kiters, as lacking the "hassles" of swimmers or other persons involved in activities and there is plenty of space strewn with grass-for-comfortable trimming. The spot is ideal for learning, development and training, especially for athletes who take part in competitions.

 The lake Volvi with valuable natural resources, unique beauty and diversity, offers unique opportunities to meet and study the wonderful world of plants, animals and water, especially the thermal springs.
In the aquatic ecosystem of Lake Volvi no recorded 336 plant species, 200 bird species, 23 fish species, three of which are unique in the world, such as fat. Enjoy a walk around the lake and enjoy an up close experience of discovery.

 In winter the lake is full of wildlife: grebes, ducks, gulls and coots. Have seen the largest; in Greece; numbers of Great Crested Grebes, pochard and tufted duck, lesser spotted, herons, etc.

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