Sunday, September 30, 2012


   Rodos has constant presence of sunlight during the biggest part of the year .According to Greek mythology, the island emerged from the sea foam and was given as apresent to "Helios" ,the Sun -god .

On the island Helios became a couple with the nymph Rhodes ,their 7 sons were called Heliades. 
     Rodos is the capital island of Dodecanese islands complex , in south east Aegian Sea .From its port tourists can also visit the other islands :Patmos , Lipsi , Arki , Leros , Kalymnos ,Pserimos, Kos , Nisyros , Astipalea , Tilos , Halki , Simi , Kassos , Karpathos , Kastelorizo , Agathonisi and decade of other smaller ones. 
In all Dodecanese islands temperature is high during at least late November. Rodos has also a casino.It's located in a luxury hotel by the beach ,in a short distance from the historical center of Rodos city . 

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