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The mountains of our dreamsKoziakas, Fairy, loops, Marosa, Egg, Triggia, Kakarditsa. Imposing peaks of Pindus, the main massif of Greece, all on or near the 2000 meters. And among them, truly gems, ornaments made by human hand, Pertouli or fir, Gateway, Pyrrha, the Neraidochori and dozens of other villages, stone bridges, monasteries, fountains, chapels.

GREEK NATURE. The need for survival turned into knowledge and ability for people who chose to tame this beautiful but also challenging part of Greek nature. As if there was some divine imperative, only worthy and capable people can foothold and become residents of these areas. People tough, strong, smart and householders. Who bridged ravines, built mansions, built roads (military) communication and praised the Creator finally dedicating the beautiful monasteries and churches. And over time, when industrialization, urbanization and development threatened to leave the room, they found a way to keep alive their land, turning it into one of the most popular tourist destinations for all seasons
Elati, Pertouli Neraidochori,  surrounding villages, but in many ways on the road we find taverns, grills, meze. The truth is that to be able to taste all the local delicacies and specialties should stay several days. Try baked, intestines, kontosouvli, sausage, game, various local pies, cheeses, fine wine and champagne. We, however, at every visit to the region and especially when we honor the good you are there you will agree with us.

ADVENTURE .The mountainous region of Trikala (Elati Pertouli region Aspropotamos Meteora) ideal for many activities in nature. The options we can offer you many, depending on the interests of everyone. We start from skiing, beautiful ski Pertouli. We go hiking, mountaineering, climbing its slopes and peaks of Koziakas, Pindos and steep slopes of Meteora.You can also do mountain biking, archery, horseback riding trails and oikoperiigitikes in organized form, participating in programs follow certain companies operating in this sector in the region (mainly between Elati - Pertouli). If you are a more extreme type should try rafting and canoe-kayak in Aspropotamos or enjoy a ride on snowmobile and atv will find in Livadia Pertouli. As for the off road trails, we'll recommend some in a separate section. We wish you good fun, have fun, be careful and respect the local environment, which is the most authentic of Greece leaving the forest to leave behind only footprints so that our forest of fir and Pertouli to remain for many years pure and limpid.

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