Saturday, September 22, 2012


Thessaloniki ,capital city of Macedonia region -North Greece,is the second biggest city of the country .It's a modern city famous for it's nice suburbs near the sea, it's extraordinary gourmet cuisine(mixture of oriental and Mediterranean food culture ) , it's night life variety and the historical attractions.

     The Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki has a valuable collection of  archaeological finds.

The most exquisite are the ones found in the tomb of the ancient Macedonian king Filippos,father of Alexander the great. 
  In short distance from Thessaloniki , tourist have also the opportunity to visit  2 very significant places.
In Vergina,the capital of ancient Macedonians  ,the excavations have revealed the king Filippos' tomb , containing golden urn, shield, and wreath .
Ancient Dion was a holly ,spiritual and cultural city of the ancient Macedonian community.

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