Saturday, October 13, 2012


 Acheron, the river of the dead

     At the foot of the mountains of Souli sources of Acheron.
     Within a landscape of great peace and unique beauty

     River of sorrow, Acheron, carries the waters of the many mythological references and metaphysical unexplained.

According to mythology, the Titans when they are thirsty they drank water from the Acheron and Zeus angry and embittered the blackened waters. 
 This river has put his stamp on two historical periods and has connected his name with the dual personality of man. Matter and soul, life and death. In recent history, its waters gave life to Souliotes, and in ancient times was the antechamber of the Underworld. It was the last route for human souls.

With myths flowing waters, is an attraction, as it is one of the most beautiful rivers with rich ecological interest.

 The river flows through rapids and towering vertical cliffs, the height of which exceeds 100 meters, while the width of the river at these points is limited to two meters. Distinguished shrubs such as holly and friendly, clumps of trees, ash and oak, and along the river found broadleaf forests of oak, willow asimolefkes, osier trees and sklirtha. The total number of plant species in the region stands at 509 species.
The river Acheron has evolved into one space sports of nature. You can ride to the springs of Acheron, guided hikes, crossing the river by cables and rafting. In Paramythia also features three tracks anemopterismou (depending on the level of knowledge).

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