Monday, October 15, 2012


ZAGOROHORIA. THE VILLAGES behind the mountain.

The beautiful Zagoria is a network of 46 villages which are located in the mountains northeast of Ioannina. Famous for its incredible natural beauty, unique architecture, and their long history waiting to enchant you.
 Some of the attractions that will truly leave the visitor is surprised Voidomatis River that is no exaggeration to an earthly paradise. Vikos Gorge, which is the core of the National Park of Vikos - Aoou along the river Voidomatis and therefore has very high ecological value. Also lakes, picturesque streets and bridges, museums and libraries of great cultural significance are some more of the parts offered to visit.
 Some villages are Papigo Monodendri, Aristi the Vovousa and Gardens. In each village the visitor will find traditional houses, beautiful shops to enjoy coffee and taverns for local delicacies. Visiting the Zagoria worth all seasons and for lovers of extremesportsapotelei probably the best option as you can enjoy Kayaking - Rafting, Mountainbike, Rock Climbing, Parapente and Hiking. Those who decide to visit Zagoria by car should be aware that they can get there from various directions.

 From Thessaloniki via Konitsa after 320 km distance and enjoying the route or via Egnatia to Ioannina.
From Metsovo where after 40 km will encounter the villages of Eastern Zagori. And of course the city of Ioannina in which only 20 km encounters the first villages. Those who do not have a car should know that from Ioannina made ​​daily.

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