Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 The Pierian have their own ridge that extends from southwest to northeast with higher Flambouro peak (2194 m). The special features of Pieria, although for the Greek data high mountains, is the mildness and serene appearance, which relaxes the look.  The variety of valleys and plateaus with ravines and mountain saddles differentiate and diversity of vegetation makes it stand out in beauty.
Offers visitors skiing, mountain recreation opportunities and acquaintance with rare flora in routes a fascinating sight.

Where the Mountain "embraces" the sea is hidden a single village, the Old Panteleimon. Just above, rigged like eagle, great Elatochori. At the entrance to Olympus, stands proudly over the centuries Litochoro. Come discover three areas fairy-starring in the winter outings.

 At the ski center operates Elatochori new chalet, with all comforts and most importantly fully integrated into the environment.
You will find shops selling and renting ski equipment and clothing, ski schools, dispensary for first aid in a permanent doctor on a daily basis during the operation of the Ski Centre.
For your car will not encounter problems after the ski has adequate parking.
The ski resort also has the necessary machinery for the maintenance of the faithful, always caring for the safety, comfort and convenience.

Elatochori situated at an altitude of 800 meters and has been moved from another location, the old Elatochori
(old name Skouterna) that is adjacent to the new settlements, new and much more the old village has evolved
one of the best mountain resorts in Himachal Pradesh. Collects permanent daily visitors and vacationers all

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