Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Ski center

Above the Thermal Baths proudly dominates the mountain Voras Kaimaktsalan at a height of 2,524 m. With its almost always snowy peaks touching the blue sky and its filled with history slopes, this border mountain turned to a pole of attraction of every place in Greece.
The Voras ski centre that functions on an altitude of 2,480 m. attracts thousands of visitors each year and abstains just 40 minutes from our Hotel.

 Report point are the 14 tracks from which 4 are of Olympic specifications, the 6 lift, the snowboard tracks and the good quality of the snow during all the months of its operation. However, the winter sports do not stop here. At Voras Kaimaktsalan you can fly with "para pente", as well as you can climb on one of its countless peaks.
At the end of the day, the spa of thermal Baths of Loutraki in the municipality of Aridea, sink you into their magic waters and the Hotel and Spa Gaia Kaimaktsalan initiate you into the world of luxury.

Hot springs, Thermal Baths Pozar
 Pozar Hot springs with sparkling therapeutical waters along their length and the forest that circles them as if it guards them, can charm even the most incredulous guests.The water that sparkles from the curative springs is called savior by many as it heals many diseases and is proper for thermal bath therapy and drink therapy.
The temperature among the 6 main hot springs is 37 degrees of Celcium. You can enjoy the water into one of the special formed swimming pools at the interior hamams or at one of the 40 thermal bath tubes. For the daring ones the big exterior pool with sparkling warm.
For the even more daring ones the countless waterfalls with the 5 small natural thermal lakes where the warm waters steam from the ground creating unique images, are waiting for you to give you a hydro massage. Precipice rocks, natural waterfalls, wild vegetation with high trees and the famous gorge of the
Baths with the 16 caves is another image of the Baths of Aridea.
It is worth visiting this amazing gorge that constitutes the first cave park of Greece in Aridea. The Thermal Baths , proving the intense of their nature, have organized outdoors activities such as climbing, hiking, rafting and for the more calm guests, tour at the caves and the folklore museum. A land paradise is waiting for you just 10 km far from Aridea and Thessaloniki to offer you wealth, well- being and beauty.

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