Sunday, October 21, 2012



 Nestled in the lap of vast landscapes, uncontaminated by the noise of the city, small villages enthrone the visitor on top of a different Greece. Where travelers 'surf' on green oceans from dizzying heights or follow shadows forgotten streets, tales from the crypt of the year. A journey into the depths of Argithea dimensional dream like you see with eyes and mind open.

 The baths of  Smokovo are  35th km of road Karditsa - Rendina at an altitude of 450 meters is "hidden" in a green glade overgrown and shady oak leaved plane trees. Each bathing season full of life and "host" crowd activities. Belonging to the Municipal District Loutropigi and operate in the form of your community in 1982. Access by car is easy and at the bathing season there are daily bus services from Karditsa. For the convenience of bathers and visitors work alongside modern spa completely renovated hotels B 'C' and D 'class Municipal Corporation Smokovou (Unwritten, Thessaly, Meteora, Pindos, Tempe) and guesthouses (Haido, Athena, Calypso) . The capacity of the infrastructure is close to 250 rooms.

 Plastira Lake

A blue human touch in a green canvas created by nature. It seems that both did their creative transcendence and revealed the stunning Lake Plastiras. By the time the one absorbed by the other (lake and landscape) and together they form one of the most beautiful parts of our country. An ideal place for an anxiolytic dash. Thus, to stimulate our little regionalism and to see that our country deserves a little more attention.

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