Saturday, October 6, 2012


 Evritania not only Mikro and Megalo Chorio, Bursa and the ski center Velouchi, but also a large number of beautiful mountain villages, hidden in  mountains and steep canyons. Among them, no doubt the village Snakes claims a special place. Lap with the purist nature, in the shadow of mountains, accompanied by the roar of the wind, the snakes are a real retreat from the little-anymore unpretentious mountainous area - surviving silent next to polykosma winter resorts.

 The way up here will introduce you to the secrets of nature Evritania, a nature that has received minimal interventions and charms the same each time the visitor with its simplicity and beauty. Starting from Karpenisi will follow the road for Agrinio. After 8 km from the site Mpagasaki, we turn left under the signs towards the village of Milia, Sella, Snakes.
 The area has organized ski center. Located in Velouchi has seven lifts, twelve tracks, ski school, store renting or selling ski bar and restaurant. Throughout the winter, the ski center Karpenisi competitions and shows ski, snowboard and snowmobile.The surrounding Karpenisi offered for climbing, hiking, archery, mountain biking, rafting, kayak, horseback riding and other activities. There are excellent routes which pass small picturesque villages of Haryana, by jeep 4x4, bike or foot.
Karpenissi -  the capital of the  prefecture, is an ideal destination for those seeking action and extreme sports but for those seeking tranquility and relaxation. Monasteries, churches, Byzantine monuments, museums, stone bridges, taverns, guesthouses, luxury hotels, extreme sports, skiing and breathtaking landscapes of unrivaled natural beauty compose the picture of Karpenisi and the surrounding area.


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