Sunday, November 11, 2012


Put binoculars in your knapsack!
The reed beds in  theGreece's lakes,  filled with ferruginous ducks and terns , call us for a different weekend that fully meets the need of the time for contact with nature and low profile escapes.

   Many species of migratory birds, either for a short stop flying over the Mediterranean, or seeking shelter from northerly climates, choose systematically the numerous Greek habitats. Kerkini and Doirani Lakes in northern Greece, Dadia Forest in Evros -north east of the country- Lesvos, Crete, Antikythera, Skyros  islands or even Athens are ideal destintions for bird watching.The National Gardens in Athens, the rock of the Acropolis, the hills of
Philopappos and Lycabettus fields ,and "Ant.Tritsis" environmental Park are ideal for beginners. Schinias and Vravrona wetlands are offered for day trips,Loutsa and  Oropos lagoons too, as also  the historical  Marathon Lake. Look for more information at:

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