Tuesday, November 27, 2012


     Original events based on the customs and old legends of Christmas  live again in many Greek villages.Starring goblins who find the opportunity to thrashing the world during the period from Christmas to Epiphany, for the waters are not yet blessed.Their appearance is frightening, their mischief is indescribable and they are only afraid of fire.

 In many regions of northern and central Greece  appear disguises customs, which it is  believe to be related to the goblins legends.The dressed-up people, called "Momogeri", or "Rogatsaria",they wear hides of animals (wolves, goats) or are dressed in traditional uniforms armed with swords. Τhey tour their village or in neighboring villages, sing and collect gifts.Particularly popular attraction is the  "Festive war" between teams until one of them  wins and the other declares allegiance.

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