Thursday, November 29, 2012


     Greece is a country with sunshine and high temperatures during the biggest part  of the year.That is why in recent years  the number of winter swimmers  has been growing .
     According to experts, if you want to burn more calories and increase your metabolism, winter swimming is an extremely effective way, because the body has to work harder to get used to low temperatures.

      Swimming is considered a perfect cardiovascular exercise, strengthens the heart muscle and improves delivery of oxygen to all parts of the body. The keen swimmers have great strength and great flexibility, balance, posture and body is more resistant to patients.

     Also, swimming in cold water makes our body to burn calories quickly.The air temperature is cooler than body temperature so it must "work overtime" to come into equilibrium with the environment. To achieve this requires much energy and many fuels. Thus, body is forced to burn much more calories and energy to cope, resulting in faster weight loss. Shivers in an cold pool or sea affect our metabolism, making it faster. The faster your metabolism, the faster the food is metabolized and burn calories avoiding the creation of fat stores in the body.

     The habit of winter bathing  test also tourists from abroad, particularly those who are  familiar to low temperatures.

The specialists do not recommend swimming in icy cold water, as there are risks for hypothermia.

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