Sunday, November 25, 2012


Nia Vardalos(Antonia-Eugenia).Most of us know her from the successful 
film "My Greek fat wedding". Born in Canada, but hailing from Kalavryta 
and Laconia (Peloponese), she is  married to Ian Gomez andclose friend 
of Tom Hanks 

 Jennifer Aniston.Her real name is Genovefa Anastasaki .Born in February 1969 in California,J.Aniston she declares proud od beeing Greek-american.Only a few people know that she had been living for oneyear in Greece before her family returned to USA.

Zach Galifianakis.He was born in 1969 in North Carolina.His father is of Cretan origin and he was baptised with the greek christian orthdox traditions.

Melina Kanakaredes.NY CSI's “Stella Βonasera” declares:"I'm proud of myGreek origi.That's why I didn't changed my name".

Costa Gavras.Originated from the Baths Iraia Arcadia(Peloponese), the Oscar winner ,Kostas Gavras, remains to this day the most successful diaspora Greek  .He left its mark through a series of "political thriller", as he described his films for focusing the violent and repressive dictatorships.

Rita Wilson.She is popular In Greeks for two basic reasons.Her Greek origin and because she is married to T.Hawnks particularly famous in Greece.R.Wilson had a great cariere as actress and singer.

Billy Zane.His real name us Zanikopoulos and his family's roots are spotted in Sparta,(Peloponese) a place that he visits οften and is strongly bound to..

Maria Menounos.Daughter of Costas and Maria Menounos,she speaks Greek fluently.In2008 she won the title of the first American journalist that took interview from the whole Obama family.

Vasilis Polydouris.The famous film music composer admits that he is influenced by the the composer Miklos Rosa and this Greek Orthodox Christian origin.

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