Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The  Perama Cave  in  western Greece.It is located  

only 5 chilometers away from Ioannina city. Ιts  

bowels are  washed by the waters of   Pamvotida 


Vlyhada Dyros Cave,in Peloponese.It is considered as 

the most wonderful lake cave in Greece .

Limnon Cave in Peloponese.This gorgeous cave has 

13 lakes in three different levels ,phenomenon that 

makes it unique in the world.

River Aggitis sources  Lake in norhtern Greece.It is 

one of the few in Greece crossed by river.In the cave 

had been spotted  unique fish species.

Elephant Cave in Crete.Its  entrance is at a depth of 

10 meters under the sea and it continues in a tunnel  

of about 40 meters length ,at the end of which the 

diver faces a unique spectacle.

Alistrati Cave in northern Greece. It is touristicaly 

exploited  and operates every day of the year.

Kastania Cave in Peloponese,famous for its rich 

variety of shapes an colors.

Orfeas Cave in northern Greece.It is considered as an 

important attraction thanks to its  size,beauty and the 

paleontological and archaeological finds hidden for 

thousands of years.

Drakou Cave,in northern Greece.|It's located in 

Kastoria region and its air recycling system is 

characterised as  one of the most modern .

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